tamilrockers [latest] news update

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tamilrockers [latest] news update

Tamilgun and tamilrockers is a website providing pirates movie content. Despite the government’s efforts, the government could not stop it. Even after a lot of government efforts, the government could not stop it.tamilrockers [latest] news update On here, you can get the movies available within a few hours of the release of new movies.

The admin of this website has been arrested by Indian police in 2017 but still the government has not been able to put any restriction on this website.

tamilrockers [latest] news update and real fact about piracy

Through this website, you can easily download pirates movies of tamil, telugu, hindi and english. The film producer has to suffer huge losses by this pirates website Tamilgun॰

The police has been arrested by the police in 2017, but this kind of website is very much running in India.
Due to this crime, the filmmakers are getting more damage, as well as the small producers who have to compensate them for heavy losses.

You can find such a tamilgun website easily on google but here I want to say that it is a crime that you should not do crime also॰
If you have to watch the film then you can watch the movie in your close location -film hall.

tamilrockers [latest] news update

piracy movie is biggest problem of indian film makers – tamilgun-tamilrockers

Because of the pyracy movie, not only do the film makers are taking huge losses but the government also has to bear the loss of revenue from the film industry, so the government should take actionable steps to stop it.

Who is responsible for the piracy website in India?like tamilrockers –
tamilrockers [latest] news update

The government is trying its best to stop such website, but nothing is said to be that you and we are also responsible for downloading piracy movies through such a website and also enjoying at it.

You can also watch movies from other online mediums like youtube, hotstar netflix which provides video of HD QUALITY
The only difference is that here you do not get a new movie, even then within a few days all these movies are available here.

There is also another piracy website like Tamilgun and tamilrockers who are running non-stop which are also affecting the economy of the country.

producers makes a film by the investing million rupees and hopes that film will hit and will make a profit from it.

But what does he know that his film is realese, in a matter of hours, that film gets on the internet…. verry sad

How stop piracy in india ?

In order to prevent such movement, first of all, the government should form a concrete more punishable and effective law, I am not saying that the government and government team that is not working॰ cyber crime is doing its job well but still I think it is necessary to pay a little attention to prevent such illegal cyber crime॰

NOTEIn according to indian law, using piracy video on the Internet is a punishable offense. I do not support any such movements. Just to write this article, I mean, that you stay away from such wrong movements and pay a duty to be a good citizen and do not download the movie through such a website.

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