TamilRockers-Piracy failing to stop

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TamilRockers-Piracy failing to stop

You must know well about tamilRockers who publish online movies and videos in an illegal manner.

It is so famous that its users are millions, which itself is a matter of concern for the Indian film industry. If any big or small movie release in the Indian film industry, TamilRockers releases it online in the next hour.

The government is not able to control it, it is also one of the main reasons that it operates its activity very viciously.

Here I am giving some examples which TamilRockers do to their illegal activities.

TamilRockers change the url of their website every month, because it is an illegal online business and the cyber crime team keeps track of it all the time, so it always keeps changing its website url and the old website url is replaced by the new url Redirects together.


TamilRockers have already kept a lot of web domain book by this name already, which is taking advantage of this and the advantage of this is being taken by the TamilRckers today. which is like following of this

tamilrockers latest url.

















tamilrockers .la


Tamil Rockers earning

Especially if seen, the main tool of earning is popup ads because Google adsense can not be used on any piracy content as per Google policy of adsense policy and neither google adsense on this type of website is aproved if by mistake If someone puts adsense ads on this type of website, then adsense account is suspended or terminated so on this website you get most of the popup ads which goes to another website after clicking on the download link and still Users repeatedly click and The website is earning from advertisements in a huge amount.

Such websites generate revenue in a number of ways, from which major advertising is done, those who operate it illegally, they also demand money through black mailing to not do online movie release from those film producers. In order to save the losses of millions of film producers, the film producers accept their views and give them money.

There is no actual information so far that the amount of such web site is earning, but you can predict that millions of visitors visit this kind of website and many people see such a website like this. The biggest source of income on internet is that how many visitors are on any website, you can estimate yourself how much these people will have to earn from website like this.

Latest movies leaks by TamilRockers in 2019

The film industry has been suffering due to too much losses due to the piracy of the Tamil rockers, the main reason behind this is that with a lot of losses to the big banner films, it is also a subject of much concern.

Recently, big films were leaked by the Tamil rockers, which included films of Hollywood and bollywood which are as follows.

In the beginning of 2019, Akshay Kumar starrer and the Most Awaiting movie kesari was leaked online by Tamil Rockers and the filmmaker suffered from it, after that Varun Dhawan starrer movie kalank leaked by Tamil rockers online and this led the producer to suffer huge losses. The movie box office colection also had an impact on it and the film failed to earn good money.

Tamil Rockers mostly targets the Bollywood movie industry and Indian territory. On the basis of the population of India, India is a big country, and the people here see this kind of pirated movies in more quantity. This is the reason that pirated movies are seen more in India than in other countries.

According to an article from the Indian express news portal, recently released ‘Hollywood movie Avengers – End’ game was immediately leaked by Tamil Rockers immediately after the released. Due to this, its impact on the Indian box office collection was so much that the Tamil rockers online leaks to all the big Hollywood movies, which has been affecting the earnings from India.

Through this article, I want to send this information to the people that running such a pirated website is a punishable offense in Indian law, and I request you people that you do not even see this kind of website, why the film There is also a loss of the tex that the government gets from the film’s earnings along with the producers.
If you have to enjoy the new movie then go to theater with your whole family and enjoy the movie.

My motive is that I can make people aware about pirated movies and fulfill the duty of being a right citizen. If somewhere you see such a pirated movie, you too will become a crime character.

The government should also take a more appropriate and strict step in this area to put more restrictions on such a pirated website. Due to the loss of film producers due to this and the loss of government tax due to it.

My article about tamilrockers does not support any pirated website or related topics. The only purpose of writing this article was to make people aware about the pirated website and piracy.
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